Holiday Traditions

If your family's tradition is hanging up Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving, this post is for you! Just a few reminders as you get those lights out and start the detangling process...

When hanging your Christmas lights limit the strand to strand to three connected together. Upgrade to LED lights for a safer alternative, with better efficiency and longer life.

When hanging them outside remember to use wire staples or light hanging clips as opposed to standard staples to avoid the fire hazard of broken or punctured wire casings. Wrap a strip of duct tape around the extension cord connection where your light connects to help prevent water from getting in.

Last but not least, when removing staples after you take down your lights, fill in the small holes with a hole filler to avoid water penetration. Even small holes in your trim can allow water to create future problems. We may not hang your lights for you, but you can definitely call us for those water intrusion issues that may come up, from your lighting to "Santa" putting his foot through the roof, just give us a call. Tis the season!


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